prepration goes on……………….

If u ever thought sitting around preparing for competition is easy without having any other thing to do then think again
at least I believe so
the last two months since internship have been utterly boring with daily life style of study and sleep
well it gets more monotonic as u hardly find any other thing to do
well coupled to it is the environment the rains have provided in library
I mean it could not get worse than itAshish khanna


One Comment

  1. My dear SSS……..Enjoy these “wehle padai” days till they last….traumatic as they might be ….they are the most memorable times in an average gmch grads life( atleast mine were…too much trauma:))). And just when you think that you’ve had the last of this famous “dabba” u’r back in it mugging up staph strep and there various relatives:)))) so be ready for some nostalgia ..say about 3 years from now!!
    Hey..thanks for the award winning pic though…u have a masterpiece here!

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