What to do when it rains ?


Water Water Everywhere

If u have been following recent news it may not take time for u to guess about this pic

If u imagine floods in Bihar pic contrasts to u with real help the people must be getting

i mean front side of story is not always real ,the rear end may tell u something different

The real data might be very different from what we hear in news but really having limited resources and a corrupt system u cant ask for more

well now coming on to real story
this pic was taken from GMCH lib reading room entrance
this was kept to collect AC water which keeps on dripping throughout day

no wonder it holds less than it spills !!!!

it reallly makes everyone remember rain is falling outside

when u see floor of room

well one guy who is furious about this bucket is our sweeper

why not after all he has to clean all the mess that is made and work double

But good news is this has been replaced

Well substitute has a similar story but still better


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