Sex education Health Poster

The following is most bizarre health poster I have seen in recent times

Sexually transmitted imagination

Artist’s vivid imagination demands appreciation ???

It was put up by health department of

South Africa in various hospitals to inform against STD’S

well full marks to artists imagination for capitulating the minors details

and if u dont agree with me look at it carefully u are bound to note a few yourself


  1. well guys ur right

    artist has caught up fancy idea

    u can see scrotal sac and labia infected in the pic
    and yes it took me a while as how this pic could be a health poster to understand

    no wonder south Africa has very high std rate these posters might come in handy

  2. its quite obscene but good enough since its depicts da reality

    I saw another poster … not so vivid … bt quite intersting in a small town in goa on a hoarding .. i vil see if i can find it online

  3. well that would be interesting floyd

    i was wondering if such a poster was published by ministry of health in INDIA what repercussions it would have had

    all sainiks and self promoted political parties would have created a hooligan out of it……

  4. hey I could not find the poster image

    but let me describe it to you

    it was actually a banana wit rashes all over it ( a very big hoarding at a bus stop) …. each rash on da banana was given da name of a different STD( sexually transmitted disease ) …. Interestingly i never read it and subconsciouly must hav accepted it as an ad by some horticultural dept promoting bananas .. hehe … but it was only when a friend pointed out that I realised .

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