All in the name of Medicine ??? A Frog’s autobiography


This is me

 HI i am frog (meaning “tail-less”, from Greek an-, without + oura, tail) but me here to tell you my tale in medical colleges and labs

I am totally unhappy with present system where i am the most commonly used animal in the Medical laboratories and not given the due respect i deserve by you

I have been destined a tragic deathat hands of people on whom human race depends for its sustenance

I am killed by pithing into my head with needle you see in pic and above all i am not given any anaesthetic because that affects the experiment i am told


Playing with my Patience

But i try my best to run away sometimes i urinate on their hands ,sometimes i get up in experiment and find my abdomen opened and try to run
but mostly chances are in vain

I have helped each and every medical student pass his medical exams but i demand more appreciation for my work

So i hereby put my story to seek more acknowledgement from everyone and be considered abrave mortal by each one of you

So next you see me remember i contribute towards your health

This is how i describe my SACRIFICE

The willingness to give of self,
To lay down your own life;
To touch another person’s heart,
In loving sacrifice.

A chance that God has given you,
To reach another soul;
Forever changed by kindness,
A life your love made whole.



  1. this is really an eyeopener …. evry1 talks abt cruelty 2 animals but sumhow frogs are discriminated against .. its vry sad … but are there any alternatives?… sarpal u could enlighten me if there are any alternatives then using animals for studying bio n medicine

  2. @Floyd

    well this is part of vive section that is doing experiment on live animals as the results are affected if not done that way
    there are two schools of thought antivivisectionists oppose it but by and large live animals are used

    well frogs are most commonly used as far as i know in medical colleges

  3. Too painful… But i wonder, is this pain worse than, what a medical student experience during his/her long medical career. I guess much more need to be changed yet. Process goes on…. 🙂

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