Toilet Dairies……



There always used to be a demarcation between staff and non staff toilets but this has now extended to a further level!!!!!

As shown in pic concerned dept has put up a placard at toilets entrance where toilets has been exclusively marked for its staff

Well the gesture may be benevolent to its staff it still doesn’t seem to strike a chord with others

Considering that a security device (lock) has been placed at the entrance and if u want to have admission to it u need to take the keys from thestaffassociate

So too much for a obligation for ANSWERING NATURE ‘S CALL but believe me this wont be big when u really want to do it and cant consider anywhere else in hospital

Now is this a effect of reservation policy of Central Government????

Where by everything seems to becoming reserved these days

So what if they put up banners saying reserved for particular class and division thereof ????

What if MANDAL COMMISION report is applied to all such places ????

I just pray it doesnot happen

And how will then the inside of these rooms meant for answering nature’s call divided is unimaginable

Well u never know ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can happen in INDIA

 Just requires some worthy politician to take a note of it



  1. I encountered a similar thing in my country. the loo was closed and the patients were to knock every doors to ask for the key.

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