Why not to be a Superhero ?

I always wanted to be a superhero when i was small
well he can do anything you can imagine
he is the Mr perfect one who is invincible has a good physique all rounder in every aspect of life be it sports adventure and so on

but with time i have realized there is much more fun in not being a superhero and being an ordinary man ………
i know many don’t agree with it but still i would like to reflect the dull and boring life of superhero

Imagine yourself to be a superhero you wanna be say it Superman Batman or our own Krishh or shaktiman (if there are any takers for him)
Now u get up in morning and you don’t have do a brush because superheroes teeth cant decay !!!!
then u don’t need a bath as you don’t make bad odors (and if u did then u need a bucketful of deodorant because u are the most powerful)

Then it  comes to breakfast well most of times u wont need it because u either charge yourself or either take some weird substance which no one knows about

now comes the interesting part ……….CLOTHES
firstly u must have 5 to six sets of same colored clothes which probably you stitched yourself because of fear of disclosing your identity !!!!!!!
and that tooo same i mean no change at all

Imagine yourself wearing same shirt for work whole month or year
it would be more than depressing i believe
now u cant put an underwear because you need to put it over a pant and so underwear should be bright colored and brand new i suppose everytime you wear
or people will make fun of discolored torn underwear u wore last time you rescued them (the world is dubious it remembers you for your wrongs more than your rights )
So same shoes and same cap and add to it over clothes you wear like superman because you cant spend time changing dress !!!
so in summers u are on run for AC or super cotton clothes

u don’t need a vehicle to office so that a positive u fly and save time s

Then comes your work u would probably finish it in a few min and then

spend rest of day thinking of your superpowers utilization ways

and some crime fighting which your ESP would help finding

but that would be real bore because you know no one can defeat you so no real challenge exists and at end you are destined to win so no fun…………

and if you happen be a student you wont forget anything so no fun in reading recalling discussing……………….


Wanna be a superhero?

i think study would be real boring because you top in every exam without much effort and cant even boast of it because you represent the good and not evil !!!!!!!!!!!
Then you don’t have friends because you cant disclose secrets so no birthdays ,anniversaries ,parties………………..
no girl friends because you bore her with our same monotonous talks and that same set of clothes and she cant GO SHOPPING WITH YOU as a superheros girl friend

and in the end you have delusions of persecution by that i mean you see everyone in world is there to harm you because u think they could be evil forces and then again you cant tell anyone because you are superpower

and further you cant see a psychiatrist even if you want too because he would send you to rehabilitation home after hearing you surely


Dreaming to be a superhero??

So thank GOD for not being one then being one and being able to enjoy every uncertain moment you face in life because you never know what is going to happen next second !!!!!

As in movie TROY

I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.