Forgotten Heroes ??-Battle of Saragarhi

Well I had come across an email about article few months back and to my astonishment I had never heard of battle before

The Battle of Saragarhi is considered one of the greatest stories of collective bravery in human history.[82] The contingent of twenty-one soldiers from the 36th Sikhs was led by Havildar Ishar Singh, and held off an Afghan attack of 10,000 men for several hours. All 21 Sikh soldiers chose to fight to the death instead of surrendering.

In recognition of their supreme sacrifice, the British Parliament rose to pay them respect, and each one of them was awarded the Indian Order of Merit (equivalent to the Victoria Cross).

The battle has been compared to the Battle of Thermopylae,[83] where a small Greek force faced a large Persian army of Xerxes (480 BC).

Saragarhi Day, is a Sikh military commemoration day celebrated on 12 September every year annually to commemorate The Battle of Saragarhi. Sikh military personnel and Sikh non-military people commemorate the battle around the World every year on September 12th


The unique battle is also taught in schools of France and figures as one of the eight collective stories on bravery published by the UNESCO.

To commemorate the men the British built two Saragarhi Gurudwaras: one in Amritsar very close to the main entrance of the Golden Temple, and another in Ferozepur Cantonment, which was the district that most of the men hailed from

Situation in INDIA:

The Indian military, in particular the Indian Army have been pushing for the battle to be taught in India’s schools. They want it taught due to the heroism shown by the Indian soldiers to acts as inspiration for young children – in the field of bravery.

sikh army

Men of the Loodiaah (Ludhiana) Sikh Regiment in China, Circa 1860.


The ruins of the Saragarhi signal post – Havildar Ishar Singh and his 20 men of the 36th Sikhs. Circa 1887.


Saragarhi Memorial ,Ferozpur


Saragarhi Amritsar


But the fact remains same : they may change history books twice in every government but forget to acts of bravery which make our nation and its generations proud !!!!!

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Life is all about precious moments

At the dawn of this new year i think about my life in past years i realize only few moments which have been preserved and rest all has vanished

Its astonishing how time flies i mean it feels like just few days back i entered in the college and now that i have become super senior which i used to think in my first prof days would take a lot of time to reach

it was like just yesterday i met so many new people and now how astonishingly they became a part of my life and now when a few of them are not around me i just miss them

All through these years i think we did not realize each others importance but now as we are moving away into our lives further those precious moments that we shared some days ago are remembered and have become the most cherished moments in our lives

well one of my best friend Tejpreet is going out to Caribbeans on and i wish him best of luck
it has been 7 years since our friendship and i think i am going to miss him but he sure is gonna be missing home although abhimanyu s there in Caribbean already

and yes he has got engaged today and moved further in to life stage and so my heartiest congratulations to him again

and yes this new year brings a lot of challenges to me and most important being clearing the pg exams and so all new years resolutions rest in peace till i clear my exams…………

euphoric moments

euphoric moments


party times


Euphoria chandigarh