Thailand Tales

Hindu in thailand

Shiv-Ling at Buddha temple Bangkok

On my recent visit to thailand with my family while walking through the street of Pattaya ( a relatively small city with beautiful beaches) i noticed a young man with a cute little daughter looking at me for quite sometime. Just as we crossed each other there was exchange of smile and instantaneously   he cried loud RAJ KAPOOR , loud enough for everyone on street to hear.

It took me a while to understand for what he was pointing to and by then he said INDIA

and i nodded. Now was my turn so i said Russia and he replied in affirmative

Long time back i had heard Russians loved RAJ and now i knew how much they liked our showman

well so i thought of having a chat with him but soon realized he could only speak Russian and did not understand English ,so we shook hands and he pointed to group he had come and we all smiled and walked away

But this small incidence made me real happy ,to be recognized as an Indian in foreign land really is a great feeling. well the pleasure can only be experienced i must say

Also how great men in our history are respected by outside world is heartening and how they become our identity in foreign lands

Now thinking of parties like MNS (Raj Thakery) or so  leaders who think on lines of Marathi or other such regionalism is a shame

Its a real pride that we are Indians and we should be proud of it .

Another connection that was discovered by me was a SHIV-LING at Buddha temple

and most astonishing was small plastic bottles (around 50-100ml each)of milk for offering  kept near shivling by devotees,they were all around the Shiv-ling and they were specially made for offering

while guide just pointed to it i was taken by surprise ,never thought there was link between two religions

and to my this query she kept on showing me statues of Brahma at many places in Bangkok

in her words” Thai is Buddhist country but we respect Hinduism ”

well it is amazing how our cultures are related and this maybe found in some pages of history which i am yet to come across………

Raj Kapoor-Real Showman