A session with Dr.Navneet Majhail (’91 Batch)


Dr Majhail

These were words in which Dr Navneet Majhail summed the wonderful years of MBBS course and how much he misses his campus days.

I got an opportunity to meet our most famous senior and pioneer of GMCCOSA who has literally connected everyone from GMCH right from 91 batch to 2009 batch.
He held a talk on USMLE this evening at GMCH Sarai building and guided students on various aspects of it.
It was a great opportunity to meet the man behind the GMCCOSA and i did make most of it like many of my friends from various batches.
Well the talk was immensely helpful on the kinds of problems one faces in USMLE, monetary constraints and visa issues in the process .

DRK(Divyanshu) had prepared an exhaustive presentation and Dr Majhail presented with excerpts from his vast experience of the same.

And best part was queries after the session which ranged from different perspectives from second year medicine grad to post MBBS graduates.
He probably answered every query in the room along with inputs from DRK ,Dushyant 2k4,Akash 2k4 and other recent takers in audience on the recent trends and session did stretch about 3 long hours.

It was really great on his part to come to campus and address students on career issues and help them making decisions .

He probably lent an ear to everyone in room and personally answered each of their queries which probably required tremendous amount of patience on his part.

KIDA “was word with which he described his passion for GMCCOSA and his work for same
I express my gratitude to contributors at GMCCOSA and Dr Majhail ,DRK and Anuj 2k7 for the wonderful talk and enlightening the GMCH students.

“A life isn’t significant
except for its impact on other lives.”


gmch chandigarh


A Tale of Tragedy

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow

It was around 7 am in morning and i was turning pages of newspaper when i came across the news of suicide of GMCH student .
It was disheartening to read the news of someone having worked so hard for the coveted seat at this college end up life in such a manner.
This was fifth such incidence in the medical fraternity in Chandigarh according to newspaper and a third at GMCH.
In the past few years there has been an increase in this trend of suicides among medical students and reasons attributed have ranged from professional ,personal or other related backgrounds.
The change i have noted in few years is growing seclude among the younger lots, less interaction with other batches,growing competition ,career tensions ,ever-increasing workload,frustration over petty issues and somewhere is lost is charm of college life.
We have advanced technologically but have suffered socially.

All but Death, can be Adjusted—
Dynasties repaired—
Systems—settled in their Sockets—

Wastes of Lives—resown with Colors
By Succeeding Springs—
Death—unto itself—Exception—
Is exempt from Change—

Emily Dickinson

To the departed soul, We wish her peace Our thoughts and prayers are with you.