Memorable Moments…….

Teji Marriage


Manyu Marriage

We do not remember days; we remember moments.
And these moments remain cherished in our hearts forever.



  1. hello, i ws just wondering after seeing the pics from ur blog, well, is punjab of india as colourful and bright as they show it in yash raj films ? it seems a lovely place to visit. bt somewhere i read that these films obviusly exaggerate to a great extent. but is their depiction of india’s punjab true to sum extent.=) ?

  2. Punjab is definitely a happening place, punjabis are known for their lavish lifestyles and eating habits
    and yes it is colorful especially if u happen to be from western world, u will find it beaming with colors
    Well on movies i feel there is always some drama and extra bit added to make story more interesting and picturesque
    Best is you plan a visit sometime to Punjab and discover it yourself 🙂

  3. great work sarpal , we all miss the GMCH days man, but thanks a lot for making our memories a part of yours ……………

  4. loll 😀 id love to visit it fooood is v tempting n the culture too! ive bn to punjab of pakistan, n its v similar in terms of the foood n culture n bhangra n weddings loll 😉 thanks for the reply! =)

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