Incredible India……

Over the past few months since  i have joined the Community medicine there have been a few incidents which have made me think as to how the  life varies from person to person

Even the basic perspective ,the way of thinking,mental make up all change in the circumstances one lives.

How a small gesture of yours can make someone real happy and how more than half of our population lives  in Rural India. There happens to be considerable difference in views of urban and rural population and gap seems widening with rising population ,growing inflation,and due to lack of basic health facilities.

There have been instances where I have felt how some one could be so ignorant at times or how basic health services have still a lot to cover to reach the common man.

Well one of the instances which really surprised me was a woman of less than 35 years with her grandson in Opd !!!!!!!

While taking history of patient i just noticed she called him(the patient) her grandson and likewise i was amazed.

I asked her to confirm as if he was her real grandson and her age

and she told me the story about her life as how she was married at early age of 14 and her first son at born at 16 and he was married at 15.

As i was just coming to terms with her story she further pointed how the kids mother had left their family and went to Nepal (her native place)never to return again

and kids father spent whole day playing cricket;and being the eldest in family she has just responsibility of bringing up the kid.

Well comparing this perspective with the one with the people in  professional  background where most people tie knot in late twenties or early thirties, and  spend quite a time in finding suitable match is really amazing

How much education is needed at the grass root level is really noticeable,considering the fact that above story was of person living in Chandigarh ,which boasts of  good primary education and good health services in the government sector

and condition in really backward states is not hard to imagine………

Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah has summed up life quite well:

Umr-E-Daraaz Mang Kar Laye The Chaar Din
Do Aarzoo Mein Kat Gaye Do Intezaar Mein

Keh Do In Hasraton Se Kahin Aur Ja Basein
Itni Jageh Kahan Hai Dil-E-Daagdar Mein

{For passing life, we brought four days, but two of them passed in desire and two in the waiting (for the fulfillment of the desire)}

Surgical Technology Learning Centre

Remember the first time you started applying sutures to a patient during internship……….

The feeling u had at that time…..
I am sure many would remember the guy who taught them suturing or who had helped them suture first time……
and eventually you managed to apply the sutures and did so many of them during surgical internship posting.

But you were never sure as how precisely you were doing suturing or how much improvement you needed in it.
Well this story seems to be a thing of past with new Surgical technology Learning Center coming up at GMCH.

If u have some interesting story on your first suturing ,do write in the  comment section…..

Here are few pics of new demonstration station ……..
Pics courtesy : Dr.D.R.KOHLI