Surgical Technology Learning Centre

Remember the first time you started applying sutures to a patient during internship……….

The feeling u had at that time…..
I am sure many would remember the guy who taught them suturing or who had helped them suture first time……
and eventually you managed to apply the sutures and did so many of them during surgical internship posting.

But you were never sure as how precisely you were doing suturing or how much improvement you needed in it.
Well this story seems to be a thing of past with new Surgical technology Learning Center coming up at GMCH.

If u have some interesting story on your first suturing ,do write in the  comment section…..

Here are few pics of new demonstration station ……..
Pics courtesy : Dr.D.R.KOHLI



  1. Sandeep’s article took me back in time when the summer of 2008 was at its peak and I was posted at Manimajra. Fresh from my stint in Medicine and totally bereft of hands-on surgical training, I was reduced to a state of nervousness by a patient. The young man had suffered a laceration on his scalp in a fist-fight. I cursed my luck as there was no one to call for help at 5 pm since everyone, except the hapless intern, disappears well before ‘chhuti time’. I stood for a few moments in utter agony and confusion as the wound bled inexorably.
    Much to my consternation, the sweeper came over (surprisingly he was still around!) and smiled at my helplessness. He took the suture and calmly did the needful, nodding his bonny head at me all along. he was in a sense, my teacher.
    This new endeavor from the dept of surgery, is timely and should hopefully prove to be beneficial to the students and patients alike. My congratulations and best wishes!


  2. I think DRK most of us had similar instances and the ministerial staff at that place deserves appreciation for the help it provides to hapless interns at those really awkward moments…..

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