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Patients Perspective on Doctors

Doctor Devil

Patients perspective on Doctors

When the death knocks upon the door, the doctor is looked upon as a God

When he accepts the challenge, he is looked upon as an Angel

When he cures the patient, he is looked upon as a Common man

When he asks for the fee, he is looked upon as a Devil


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Your Safety Our Concern !!!!

Animals police

Traffic Controllers ??

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Advertising for the nation

funny army

Inspiring Advertisement

This is probably most innovative of advertisements given by Indian Army encouraging  youth to join it.

Picture above shows top Bollywood heroines who are daughters of army men ,and encourages people to join

If you want to have beautiful and successful daughters ,Join Indian Army

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Sex education Health Poster

The following is most bizarre health poster I have seen in recent times

Sexually transmitted imagination

Artist’s vivid imagination demands appreciation ???

It was put up by health department of

South Africa in various hospitals to inform against STD’S

well full marks to artists imagination for capitulating the minors details

and if u dont agree with me look at it carefully u are bound to note a few yourself


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