Polythene banned in Chandigarh ?



Source : photo taken in sector 26 grain market few days back

This years Gandhi jayanti brought a new gift to Chandigarh

With administration poised to clean the environment and retain the beauty of Chandigarh a ban has been put on polythene use in the city

usage invites a fine upto one lac and imprisonment of one year and imprisonment of one year!!!!!!!!  

If u have lived in the city for many years you would have realized it is losing its glory all the time

it has become overpopulated and this has affected its environment great deal

Well this a welcome step from administration in a way it plans to clean the environment,

nature lovers are exited at thought of this

What I wonder or fail to understand is while the rules are being framed who happens to be focus of government

On one hand we have a large battalion of green demanding environmentalists whose rich lobby would not mind buying expensive paper bags

and on other we have kids like these who work as laborers and don’t have money to buy even a glass for water

While we as a developing nation lack the right infrastructure we tend to get carried away by the European standards

we should work by Indian standards and try to make them at par with European rather than blindly following west

we need to understand that basic needs of person are above any other needs of society

Well many laws have been passed in India in past tending to protect environment but to me most ended as failures because lack of mass participation

and this will come only when we divert funds to education ,health ,and related sectors

and  people will feel why they are important rather than government imposing  on them

also we need to provide ample alternatives to it….……..

But with polythene gone I would really miss those heavy rainy days when I would get caught in drizzle and put my books in polybag borrowed from any shop on way and could enjoy rains without being worried about books

Well I absolutely adore rain bath but from now on will have to be more careful I guess………