Advertising for the nation

funny army

Inspiring Advertisement

This is probably most innovative of advertisements given by Indian Army encouraging  youth to join it.

Picture above shows top Bollywood heroines who are daughters of army men ,and encourages people to join

If you want to have beautiful and successful daughters ,Join Indian Army

The President’s Visit

VIP duties for the medical persons usually means moving around them amid their tight securityFor I have done quite a number of them in the past few years; the craze and excitment I used to feel initially seems to have been washed away.

But this month when I got a letter from the hospital  administration regarding my deputation for honorable president of India’s visit on 15 march,I was super excited .

First of all it is an honor to be a part of medical  team of India’s first man.

Secondly I always have had this cherished dream of seeing the president ‘s security arrangements as it involves huge number of cars and men .Most of traffic on the roads is stopped when his team passes and as a common man I had watched it from outside but always wondered how it must feel to move along those fast cars traveling at high speeds .I wondered as if they had brakes in those cars !!!

Thirdly I have seen our honorable president Mr.Mukherjee enough number of times on T.V. and wanted to see him in live.

On the day of his visit , we asked to to join the duty at 6:30 am in the morning and we went to receive his excellency at the airport.It was jam packed with who-who’s of the region .I remember seeing probably every high up right from the governor to defense chiefs of the region along with seasoned politicians and bureaucrats.The whole atmosphere was filled with thrill of his arrival and on corner of the road you could see high security.

On his arrival he was given a customary march past along with dignitaries greetings .He had come with his wife and staff and then we went to the air force station.The Air force people had put up a splendid show but the best part was paratroopers jumping from the planes in Indian Flags colored parachutes and reaching the ground on a designated spot.It was really amazing and drew a lot applaud from the audience.

And  then we went along with Mr.President  to the governor house.All the roads on the way were empty due to high security and our caravan of nearly 100 cars zoomed past the city roads with police men all around the city .

I was wondering if Mr.President had even known the meaning of the word traffic jam !!!

After the lunch we went to PGI where convocation function was presided by his excellency.And there he was joined by the chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana.

Afterwards we went back to the airport along with the caravan which this  time around had about 150 cars.At the airport I got an opportunity to see all these high profile dignitaries form a very close distance .Actually I wanted to get photographed but the protocol did not allow that.But high point was watching the first citizen of the country amid his security and high profile dignitaries .

The driver of our ambulance had rightly remarked on the way:

           “Dr .Saab eh ta raje ne raje ,te asi ennadi praja,

        raje di shaan ta vakhri hi hundi hai

mai pichle janam rath chalanda si te es janam car”

Meaning : Doctor  they(President) are the modern day  kings and we are his people .

                   Kings magnificence is above all .

                    I was a chariot driver in last birth and a car driver in this birth !!!!!

president visit

Mr .President

Republic Day Parade

I have been a keen watcher of republic day parades since my childhood.

The glamour the parade holds is unsurpassed and makes one feel more patriotic and a  proud Indian.

The parade showcases  nation’s achievements in various fields through its military prowess, a scintillating display of its air power and its rich and diverse cultural heritage.

A gradual change over the years has been shift to indigenous weaponry .

The highlight of this year’s parade was  Agni-V missile.It has a range of 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) but it still requires a battery of tests and must clear other bureaucratic hurdles before it can be inducted into India’s arsenal in a few years.

republic day

BSF Camel contingent

A great quote in president speech this year is worth  quoting

“In thought faith…
In word wisdom…
In deed courage…
In life service…
So may India be great” 

Agni-V, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

Agni-V, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

India gate

Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate


republic day

Motorbike riders of Border Security Force

Punjabi Thought on life…….

Spotted at Leisure Valley Chandigarh,This en-craving on the rock spells out the Punjabi Youth way of life .

Kudos to the guy who took time out of his college schedule(Most probably,being adjacent to Arts College) to spread this message to whole of Chandigarh.(or his damsel)

life thoughts

Punjabi thoughts on life

“Even if you live a few days less in your life,live  excessively refined and fastidious in taste and manner(foppish)”.

Festival of lights-Diwali


Satellite view of India on Diwali -NASA

Diwali happens to be festival celebrated with great fervor across whole of India.It is time to meet all near and dear ones,exchange greetings and share love and joy.From shoppers bonanza to eating spree it probably adds all colors to ones life.In a materialistic world of today, Economists may call it a Chinese Diwali,businessmen may find it earning opportunity,families find it get together time.So for everyone Diwali may have different significance but message of Diwali is same for all.

Life is a festival only to the wise.

You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed.

Let this diwali burn all your bad times and enter you in good times.

Revolution is the festival of the oppressed.

The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival…because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around. ”


In Nature’s Lap-The Chattbir


Dancing Peacock On sunny day

The King

In the past few years ,the pace at which periphery of Chandigarh has been covered with housing societies and developmental projects,it has become hard to find the lap of nature in the city’s periphery.The lush green periphery of the city has stumbled to the real estate giants .Out of very few places that still maintain their charisma is Chattbir zoo,located near Zirakpur .

It had been more than 15 years since i had last visited the place and some how i had always wanted to visit it in all those years but  it had never worked out.It was my cousins little daughter’s visit which inspired the trip last month.

After a  drive of about 25 minutes from Chandigarh ,we reached the wildlife park on a Sunday afternoon.The great thing about the this zoo is you can take your vehicle inside at nominal charge,if you don’t feel like walking all day long .It is spread over 500 acres and the splendid Big Cat family that the  park boasts off is unmatched in this region.

The entry is lavish and sleepy  crocodiles along with monkey welcome you to the park.The boards describing these animals are bit gloomy but not everyone minds reading them as watching these animals is much more fun .The drive way is well made and you comfortably drive along till next animals place .The variety of animals includes Crocodiles and family,Neel gai, Chimpanzees, some variety of snakes,Deer and its related families,Hippos,Tigers and its family,Peacocks and some other beautiful birds species and many more….

Another interesting feature was the refreshing joints along the park.These are just aptly located  for you to refresh yourself while you move along.

For the first time in my life  i saw a peacock dancing on a sunny day……proving my notion of it dances in rains wrong but it did rain that evening…..probably he was intuitive of rain as the time i had visited it was sunny morning .

A visit to Lion Safari was big turn off as the lion was pretty old and was hardly mused by the bus.It even didn’t care to move when the bus reached very it,and seemed a bit ill.Well the children’s shouting on seeing the lion made the day for them.

The tigers and the big cat family outside the safari were really ferocious and seemed interested in  scaring people.

The Elephants were amazing ,so were hippos and many other animals along the way.

Somehow the environment in Chattbir takes one away from city life and it seems so great to be in such lush green garden and spending time in nature’s lap while viewing its few creations

An interesting feature was many of tigers,lions,leopards have adopted by the MNC,s and they are providing for the feed of these beasts on daily basis as was suggested by the boards.

On the whole a visit to Chattbir takes one away from the monotonous city  life’s routine  and provides a perfect day off.

car jungle

In the woods…….


DEER -who jumped the wall to see the chattbir


GMCH- New Block

For those of you who haven’t visited GMCH from a long time ,construction of new block is going at full swing for more than 1 year now
It will have 7+2 FLOORS (43000 sq. ft. on each floor) Total Area: 3,87,000 sq. ft.
Construction of Block E, which will house the College Departments such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology. Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine and their allied laboratories

Here are a few pics taken over a period of time to show the ongoing construction

medical college

Block E

Chandigarh medical college

Block E

Chandigarh medical college

Block E