True Spirit of Humanity

In Safe Hands

It was in mid of October last year and around 9 pm in library room when someone told that he saw a small owlet fallen on ground near a window of b-block .
For most of people in our DUBBA it was business as usual to have a chirpy chat about the guy and owl

But Dr Deepak Goyal (EMO) just wanted to see where it happened and while we were talking he just brought owlet inside

I remember at least one person who was so afraid of owlet that he wanted it out immediately at any cost,while we were having fun just talking about owls and their haunted stories
Well Dr Deepak went out seemingly to keep it back after an amusing session with afraid guy but returned after about more than an hour

So naturally everyone’s curiosity was its peek about what he had done to owlet and when inquired he told that he drove from sector 32 to sector 38 to PFA (people for animals) office to keep owlet in safety as he feared it might have died if left on ground

I was just taken aback by his such a nice gesture for the poor creature
It was an effort which really deserved appreciation as only motive behind was to save a life
It was one of those instances where spirit of humanity beat the materialistic world
SO kudos to Dr Deepak for his great spirit …………..

The lion won’t turn on a barking puppies

cute puppies“Men argue, nature acts”

There are two ways of responding to dogs either you bark back at them or other is to be silent

todayI encountered an incident where famous dogs of my vicinity attacked me and kept barking for almost 15 min

and looked at me eagerly to reply

but for their inexperience and high self esteem suffered when my replies were  in silence

I know it infuriated them further and maybe someday god gives them piece of mind to be good humans

It is strange even with highest level of education in society humans tend to behave like sheer idiots sometimes

It is beyond my understanding !!!

only god help such insane animals as they may someday achieve a piece of mind whereby they might learn to live like humans

I am believer of Gandhi non violence path and in his words

I know, to banish anger altogether from one’s breast is a difficult task. It cannot be achieved through pure personal effort. It can be done only by God’s grace.

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.Watch your words, for they become actions.Watch your actions, for they become habits.Watch your habits, for they become character.Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Library Prince Becomes KING

Indian marriageWell if u happened to visit GMCH library in past 10 years(from 98 onwards) then you must have seen this prince of GMCH library

He happens to be one of most talented and popular guys at GMCH and probably the one who has inspired generations of doctors at GMCH to work hard towards their goal
The Dabba in library is his domain and all dabba users are his praja
He tied nuptial knot this week and all former and present dabba users were seen at his marriage
(well he had threatened to deal harshly with who dare enter dabba on his marriage eve and none dared to enter library on eve !!!!)


~ May your joys be as bright as the morning, your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the heavens, and your troubles but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love. ~

MBBS Exam Secrets



Yes this happens every year and year after year the same story repeats itself

Diwali is one festival which probably acts like a trigger stimulus to all medicos and they start their own jagratas which are with books ,notes and all related stuff which world forgets in festive season

When the outer world associates it with joy laughter and fireworks

Medicos celebrate it with the upcoming SEND UPs or pre finals as u may call

If PAVLOV (conditioned reflex) experiment is to be repeated on medicos u can test test it by just asking for DIWALI date and note the impression on their faces and u would know u  have succeeded

Diwali probably acts as stimulus as if world is ending ,reminding of long unread and unsung theories in books and mugging them up brisk pace ;somehow unending books seem to be readable at these times of year

And yes u can see the exams are coming from number of bags outside library 

it is directly proportional

Exams bring even the most mighty to the library 

And yes this is only time of year when library feels small and overcrowded

and NERDS are everyones  best friend during this time of year

well why not they are ready made source of notes and answers to all your queries 

the SENIORS words seem like BIBLICAL  and somehow you can spend whole your life hearing them it seems 

And all those who can get books marked and old question papers are most sought after people in class and their phone numbers are highly in demand

It makes us for collective effort and worsest enemies in class become friends for mutual benefit ;seems as if symbiotic relation existed between them for centuries and

somehow the  discussions which seemed boring and uninteresting acquire the mainstream of talks and subconscious seems to accept it

And this all happens for the sake of passing at end of day (no mal intentions to medical geeks intended as there are few who wanna top rest prefer to keep sailing rather than leading on board)……………

Rains drain GMCH


Leaking roof of reading room

Now added to brain drain that USMLEcauses we have rain drain in GMCH library

Well rains this year have affected GMCH library badly

whole hospital seems to be leaking and add to it woes of upcoming exams

it all adds up to sulking factors i suppose

Well all GMCH lib goers are really mighty i believe

well roof can come up on u anytime
maybe then helmets will be compulsory in GMCH with latest equipment

but what if it collapses and people come under it
then where do u take them
i mean hospital itself has collapsed ????

AND big brother PGI is also in a same condition
their OTS leak

patients must carry life support with them everywhere i suppose
u never know where u land once the roof goes on u !!!!!!!!

How do Doctors Study ?

exam life

All In a Days Work

Well Life can be tough and grueling sometimes
there will moments of joy and sorrows
well competition can take a toll on everyone and preparing for pg exam really requires best effort
he was spotted in lib at night had done days duty and still braved to come to study but sometimes its just not your day i believe

but still salutation to spirit behind the effort

prepration goes on……………….

If u ever thought sitting around preparing for competition is easy without having any other thing to do then think again
at least I believe so
the last two months since internship have been utterly boring with daily life style of study and sleep
well it gets more monotonic as u hardly find any other thing to do
well coupled to it is the environment the rains have provided in library
I mean it could not get worse than itAshish khanna