BSNL-Bechara Sanchar Nigam……………………

                                                                                BID ADIEU BSNL



It was company which probably had longest association with me and my family.Right from the days of trunk calling,when STD rates used to get half by  10 pm,I had been a part of BSNL family.But not from now on………

It was probably the decision which I took a very long time to take.It had been a year since I have had problems with the company’s broadband connection and due to  callous  and ignorant attitude of the company officials I had to take this connection off.

My connection would switch off on its own sweet will.I even brought up a new modem wondering if there was some problem with the modem but to no avail…. Regular calling for complaints got me same answer there was some technical problem but no one knew where the problem was ,and no one seemed interested in finding or solving it.

The funniest reply i got from their worker at Sector 51 area was that his cycle had been stolen twice ,so he was going walking whole of the sector to attend the complaints,as a result of which he had come after so many days to attend my complaint.

And to add nail to coffin was that connection got disrupted an hour after he left.He explained me how hard it was for him to walk through the area and he had grown old as a result of which he was attending one complaint on daily basis.

I was wondering if he had gone nuts or was because of attitude of people like him that most people have lost in BSNL.He also explained me if senior official had some problem with his attitude,he can take  leave for whole of the month,and who would take up the complaints then…………..

Perhaps this is the reason why there are no regular jobs these days even in the government sector .

So fed up with BSNL I switched to Airtel today and to amusement they set up connection within a day of my calling and actually shows the speeds it promised. I wonder if BSNL subscribers would see such days in near future………………

I think in the present state the day is not far when company would be dis-invested by government ,citing reasons for great losses it is causing to exchequer……

They should probably rename the company as


Where bechara( HELPLESS) is the subscriber who takes its connection and gets caught in it …………….

U gain with internet………….

The last picture captures how internet has got into our lives and has its pros and cons…………..

An Ordeal of AIIMS

Preparing for competitive exams can screw up the greatest of students

and when the final Dday arrives your all preparations depend upon that those three hours and they are like walking on pieces of burning coalfeet will be burnt if u stop
and only thing you can do is run through it as there is no other way to escape the ordeal

Now this year AIIMS brought a new ordeal to about at least 1000 students in country
it was not only a test of intelligence but physical and mental toughness

although they were only set in eligibility criterion for giving the exam



this year roll numbers were not dispatched by AIIMS authorities on time and add to your woes were their highly evolutionary phone lines and super speedy site where you could spend hours to receive a fat phone bill at end along with a training on mental toughness and patience control

well i was victim of this gracious opportunity given by the apex institute so had to leave for duplicate roll number a day before


As i set my my foot on AIIMS campus at 8 am in morning thinking i was clever to come early i noticed a line of fellow doctors outside office and it was toooooo long i say so because i had my number at about 200 to 250 and within half an hour it stretched to 500 people This was biggest doctor gathering i had seen and that too representing whole country an example of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” courtesy AIIMS
AT about 9 :30 am there came a blink of hope
we realized the lines were useless as authorities started distributing papers for issuance of duplicate roll numbers randomly

and to deposit them required another line to be mad

so in craze of hour everyone was found running along to get that paper
now imagine 500 people jumping on 4-5 people who had those precious papers

it was craziest moment I remember being into pushed here and there for a small piece of paper
as if admission depended on getting that

but this was not end it marked beginning of new session
after filling we were asked to report in hour

and then we were made to sit in ground with an old gentleman n center shouting at helm of his voice because the loudspeaker battery was not working and giving roll numbers

for those who could hear it was okay but those who couldn’t must come in afternoon

after waiting for 2 hours when I has started loosing hope of getting roll number I heard my name

I remember joy it brought me as if I had cleared all India exam and this was only though I had got duplicate roll number…………………
and next morning the exam that followed was much like ordeal I felt with array of difficult questions which has been trademark for AIIMS

Medical Intern -part 1

Well everyone has his golden days and if u ask a doc abut this period he would blindly tick on internship period

it is a period of fun ,learning,practical experience basically it welcomes u out from the medical school to the outer world

well i have had my own experiences in this period which have really made me better person i suppose

well hereby i recall an incident of my surgery posting


Wise men say you should hear everyone but follow your mind

but we supposedly ignore that

it was in mid November 2007 in morning emergency posting and as usual full of patients

and i was writing some prescriptions when some stinky smell started coming

i looked at sister but she too was amazed her eyes saying “how the hell do i know that”

after a few mins smell started increasing but we couldn’t make out a source until ward boy realized a man sitting at the entrance of emergency

he called hm in ,he could barely walk so we got him a stretcher and i was to examine him

with a raw smile coming from my senior doc i knew my job it was to open his stinking bandages on his arm

i can tell they must have been at least week old black smelly withered with tits coming along a packed house of bacteria u may call

i gathered strength but it was my “lucky” day the masks supply of hospital just finished !!!!!!

well it happens every third day if u see patients rush to gmch

i started opening it and smell grew worse

finally i did it and what i found was a greenish gangrenous arm with something applied on it and mass was stinking with probably every bacteria of world partying there

finally i asked him what he had done and to my surprise man was applying vanaspati or Desi ghee on his arm since last six months

i just confirmed it again and response was affirmative

but why i asked he told some weight had fallen over his arm and his neighbors advised to apply it

i asked why he didn’t visit a doc

well reply was as expected they charge a lot of money , i didn’t have time

i remember none of ward boys or sisters came to my rescue during my interaction with him they were all silent pretending to having busiest moment of their lives

my SR was too busy outside in other patients but when i called him in he too was amazed

he was at loss of words i must say

finally guy was admitted and his limb removed next day in OT

but believe me for next whole week i had that smell in my nostrils

i can still smell it today if u don’t believe me just think of applying ghee on hair and go without washing for 5 -6 months and u can imagine smell i suppose

god save these ignorant people who trust others than doctors

well this experience made me realize a practical point of what over trust in others can lead too

if in practical man would have thought what he was doing i believe he would not have lost his arm

but he was lucky to be saved