Playing Cricket With Bees

After great gap of many years our cricket team finally won the tournament at Euphoria a dream which many of my batch mates could not realize

well I happened to be great follower of game just a single instance changed my perspective of game

from a person who loved playing I became a person who loved watching

it was in month of jan 2003 a match between 2k1 and 2k2 was going on

I was standing at third man position wearing all black and in intense moments I felt itching on my back

suddenly I realised I  had a swarm of bees on my hand

before I could react I was as if in a  in bees hive !!!!!

i was surrounded by bees  as if i had used that AXE DEO shown in advt where all women run after that man after he uses it



I heard some one scream lie down so i did that but to my amazement this bees number was increasing from pain and agony i was feeling

I looked around no one dared to come to my rescue

so thought i run to them!!!!

and I started running as if I was running at olympics can bet i could have defeated jordan that day

and reached the opposite end of ground where most people were along with bees

then Barjinder showed his nerves of steel and brought a bucket full of water and poured over me

and again one more

my face was fully covered with bees and some seniors threw their sweaters to me to remove bees and cover my face

suddenly i saw RAJIV SIR  from Surgery dept bringing his car on ground and he stopped near by me and asked me to get in

i with my bees got in ..and he drove me to hospital

i am till day thankful to him for his act

at hospital mybp was 90/60 that time…….and i was in bit altered senses i must confees

and then it took 2 hours for AVISHAM SIR 99 batch to remove those bee bites

he counted more than 100 and was amazed

it was really efforts of Dr Rajiv and my  some brave friends that i was saved from bees attack

but from that daysec 33 ground where our team practices has become a nostalgic place from me

The fear of bees catching me again resurfaces whenever I visit that ground !!!!

so I never played cricket at Euphoria because it happens to be our main practice ground but yes shared a dream with my batchmates of winning cup which has been fulfilled this year