True Spirit of Humanity

In Safe Hands

It was in mid of October last year and around 9 pm in library room when someone told that he saw a small owlet fallen on ground near a window of b-block .
For most of people in our DUBBA it was business as usual to have a chirpy chat about the guy and owl

But Dr Deepak Goyal (EMO) just wanted to see where it happened and while we were talking he just brought owlet inside

I remember at least one person who was so afraid of owlet that he wanted it out immediately at any cost,while we were having fun just talking about owls and their haunted stories
Well Dr Deepak went out seemingly to keep it back after an amusing session with afraid guy but returned after about more than an hour

So naturally everyone’s curiosity was its peek about what he had done to owlet and when inquired he told that he drove from sector 32 to sector 38 to PFA (people for animals) office to keep owlet in safety as he feared it might have died if left on ground

I was just taken aback by his such a nice gesture for the poor creature
It was an effort which really deserved appreciation as only motive behind was to save a life
It was one of those instances where spirit of humanity beat the materialistic world
SO kudos to Dr Deepak for his great spirit …………..