In Nature’s Lap-The Chattbir


Dancing Peacock On sunny day

The King

In the past few years ,the pace at which periphery of Chandigarh has been covered with housing societies and developmental projects,it has become hard to find the lap of nature in the city’s periphery.The lush green periphery of the city has stumbled to the real estate giants .Out of very few places that still maintain their charisma is Chattbir zoo,located near Zirakpur .

It had been more than 15 years since i had last visited the place and some how i had always wanted to visit it in all those years but  it had never worked out.It was my cousins little daughter’s visit which inspired the trip last month.

After a  drive of about 25 minutes from Chandigarh ,we reached the wildlife park on a Sunday afternoon.The great thing about the this zoo is you can take your vehicle inside at nominal charge,if you don’t feel like walking all day long .It is spread over 500 acres and the splendid Big Cat family that the  park boasts off is unmatched in this region.

The entry is lavish and sleepy  crocodiles along with monkey welcome you to the park.The boards describing these animals are bit gloomy but not everyone minds reading them as watching these animals is much more fun .The drive way is well made and you comfortably drive along till next animals place .The variety of animals includes Crocodiles and family,Neel gai, Chimpanzees, some variety of snakes,Deer and its related families,Hippos,Tigers and its family,Peacocks and some other beautiful birds species and many more….

Another interesting feature was the refreshing joints along the park.These are just aptly located  for you to refresh yourself while you move along.

For the first time in my life  i saw a peacock dancing on a sunny day……proving my notion of it dances in rains wrong but it did rain that evening…..probably he was intuitive of rain as the time i had visited it was sunny morning .

A visit to Lion Safari was big turn off as the lion was pretty old and was hardly mused by the bus.It even didn’t care to move when the bus reached very it,and seemed a bit ill.Well the children’s shouting on seeing the lion made the day for them.

The tigers and the big cat family outside the safari were really ferocious and seemed interested in  scaring people.

The Elephants were amazing ,so were hippos and many other animals along the way.

Somehow the environment in Chattbir takes one away from city life and it seems so great to be in such lush green garden and spending time in nature’s lap while viewing its few creations

An interesting feature was many of tigers,lions,leopards have adopted by the MNC,s and they are providing for the feed of these beasts on daily basis as was suggested by the boards.

On the whole a visit to Chattbir takes one away from the monotonous city  life’s routine  and provides a perfect day off.

car jungle

In the woods…….


DEER -who jumped the wall to see the chattbir