Incredible India -II

If there was a sporting dream that every person born after 1983 had wished ,it was too see India hold the coveted cricket world cup again.It was just the dream with which probably many of us watched  the last 7-8 editions of world cup,and yes this 2nd April 2011 becomes the D-day we realized our dream.

It is proudest moment as a cricket fan i have felt in my life and probably most Indians feel the same way.

The Semi-final against Pakistan was soo special being held at Mohali ,it just was majestic moment for all Chandigarh people.If ticket prices were anything to go by a simple student ticket of 250 was available at premium of somewhere between 7000-15000.We had had more than 350 flights land  in Chandigarh in just 48 hours,a great feat for our small airport.

Seeing the people enthusiasm for  buying tickets at  such premium was just awesome. If there is one religion that every Indian has ,it is probably cricket.The day of final saw screens being put up at every nook and corner of city ,even the petrol pumps had screen put up.

The craze was not limited to India ,it was spread  to all parts of globe,wherever Indians live. Everyone just wanted to have a day off ,to win the great extravaganza of cricket and it must have made other ppeople of world that Indains have gone crazy over a cricket match.

But that’s the way we are,we love our Cricket and everything is fair in love and war as goes the old saying.We will do anything to support  our team and finally we have the  most coveted trophy of our life time -THE WORLD CUP 2011 and it cannot get bigger than this 🙂

Great Indian Dream

The atmosphere at GMCH campus was just great ,the screen being put up at doctors hostel campus and you could see every floor being flooded with fans .The celebrations were immense and atmosphere was just filled with pride ,joy  and some feelings which are hard to express in words .

After match celebrations continued on the road and whole Chandigarh probably was on roads to celebrate the glorious victory…………