Polythene banned in Chandigarh ?



Source : photo taken in sector 26 grain market few days back

This years Gandhi jayanti brought a new gift to Chandigarh

With administration poised to clean the environment and retain the beauty of Chandigarh a ban has been put on polythene use in the city

usage invites a fine upto one lac and imprisonment of one year and imprisonment of one year!!!!!!!!  

If u have lived in the city for many years you would have realized it is losing its glory all the time

it has become overpopulated and this has affected its environment great deal

Well this a welcome step from administration in a way it plans to clean the environment,

nature lovers are exited at thought of this

What I wonder or fail to understand is while the rules are being framed who happens to be focus of government

On one hand we have a large battalion of green demanding environmentalists whose rich lobby would not mind buying expensive paper bags

and on other we have kids like these who work as laborers and don’t have money to buy even a glass for water

While we as a developing nation lack the right infrastructure we tend to get carried away by the European standards

we should work by Indian standards and try to make them at par with European rather than blindly following west

we need to understand that basic needs of person are above any other needs of society

Well many laws have been passed in India in past tending to protect environment but to me most ended as failures because lack of mass participation

and this will come only when we divert funds to education ,health ,and related sectors

and  people will feel why they are important rather than government imposing  on them

also we need to provide ample alternatives to it….……..

But with polythene gone I would really miss those heavy rainy days when I would get caught in drizzle and put my books in polybag borrowed from any shop on way and could enjoy rains without being worried about books

Well I absolutely adore rain bath but from now on will have to be more careful I guess………


All in the name of Medicine ??? A Frog’s autobiography


This is me

 HI i am frog (meaning “tail-less”, from Greek an-, without + oura, tail) but me here to tell you my tale in medical colleges and labs

I am totally unhappy with present system where i am the most commonly used animal in the Medical laboratories and not given the due respect i deserve by you

I have been destined a tragic deathat hands of people on whom human race depends for its sustenance

I am killed by pithing into my head with needle you see in pic and above all i am not given any anaesthetic because that affects the experiment i am told


Playing with my Patience

But i try my best to run away sometimes i urinate on their hands ,sometimes i get up in experiment and find my abdomen opened and try to run
but mostly chances are in vain

I have helped each and every medical student pass his medical exams but i demand more appreciation for my work

So i hereby put my story to seek more acknowledgement from everyone and be considered abrave mortal by each one of you

So next you see me remember i contribute towards your health

This is how i describe my SACRIFICE

The willingness to give of self,
To lay down your own life;
To touch another person’s heart,
In loving sacrifice.

A chance that God has given you,
To reach another soul;
Forever changed by kindness,
A life your love made whole.

What to do when it rains ?


Water Water Everywhere

If u have been following recent news it may not take time for u to guess about this pic

If u imagine floods in Bihar pic contrasts to u with real help the people must be getting

i mean front side of story is not always real ,the rear end may tell u something different

The real data might be very different from what we hear in news but really having limited resources and a corrupt system u cant ask for more

well now coming on to real story
this pic was taken from GMCH lib reading room entrance
this was kept to collect AC water which keeps on dripping throughout day

no wonder it holds less than it spills !!!!

it reallly makes everyone remember rain is falling outside

when u see floor of room

well one guy who is furious about this bucket is our sweeper

why not after all he has to clean all the mess that is made and work double

But good news is this has been replaced

Well substitute has a similar story but still better

Rains drain GMCH


Leaking roof of reading room

Now added to brain drain that USMLEcauses we have rain drain in GMCH library

Well rains this year have affected GMCH library badly

whole hospital seems to be leaking and add to it woes of upcoming exams

it all adds up to sulking factors i suppose

Well all GMCH lib goers are really mighty i believe

well roof can come up on u anytime
maybe then helmets will be compulsory in GMCH with latest equipment

but what if it collapses and people come under it
then where do u take them
i mean hospital itself has collapsed ????

AND big brother PGI is also in a same condition
their OTS leak

patients must carry life support with them everywhere i suppose
u never know where u land once the roof goes on u !!!!!!!!

prepration goes on……………….

If u ever thought sitting around preparing for competition is easy without having any other thing to do then think again
at least I believe so
the last two months since internship have been utterly boring with daily life style of study and sleep
well it gets more monotonic as u hardly find any other thing to do
well coupled to it is the environment the rains have provided in library
I mean it could not get worse than itAshish khanna